Blog or Web log

Blog was the abbreviation from Weblog, the term that the first time was used by Jorn Barger in December 1997. Jorn Barger used the Weblog term to mention the group website personal that always diupdate continuously and contained link-link to website other that was regarded as interesting by them was accompanied with their comments personally.

Blog afterwards developed looked for the form in accordance with the will of his manufacturers or Blogger. Blog that at first was the trip note someone in the internet, that is link to website that was visited and regarded as interesting, afterwards became far more interesting than a list link. This was caused because Blogger usually also does not forget to pin their smart comments, personal opinions and even expressed their sarcasm in link that they for.

From these comments usually Blog afterwards becomes the window that enabled us to carry out surveillance of the contents of the head and the everyday life from his creator. Blog was the method of being easy to know the identity someone of Blogger. Topics what he liked and not he liked, what he think about against link-link that he chose, what his response in a rumour. Completely usually was drawn clear from Blog him. Because of that Blog was very personal.

Roger Yim, a columnist San Francisco Gate to his article in February 2001, wrote that one of Blog was the conflict between the diary someone and the list link in the internet. Whereas Scott Rosenberg in his column in the online magazine the Salon in May 1999 concluded that Blog was in the limitation website that more bernyawa than only a collection link but not all that instrospektif from only a diary that was kept in the internet.

The other development from Blog that is when afterwards Blog in fact no longer contained link-link but only took the form of the article about what a person of Blogger think about, felt, to what he did everyday. Blog afterwards also became the diary anline that was in the internet. The only matter that distinguished Blog from the diary or the journal that normally is owned by us was that Blog was made be read by the other person. Blogger intentionally designed Blog him and his contents to be enjoyed by the other person.

Blog first the big possibility was the page of What apostr s New in browser Mosaic that was made by Marc Andersen during 1993. Afterwards in January 1994 Justin Hall began website personal him Justin apostr s Home Page that afterwards changed to Links from the Underground that possibly could be acknowledged as Blog first like that is known by us now.

In August 1999 a Silicon Valley company named Pyra Lab launched the service that enabled who with basic knowledge about HTML to be able to create Blog him himself in an online and free manner. Although before that (in July 1999) the service made Blog online and free that is Pitas was and made Blogger improve as far as hundreds, but the Blog number had not improved many just as the form until emerged in the world per-blog-an. personally at this time had as far as 100,000 Blogger that used their service with the growth of the number around 20% per the month. and Pitas certainly were not alone, the manufacturer’s service blog online was given also by Grouksoup, Edit this Page but also Velocinews.

Since that time Blog increasingly the day increasingly improved through to increasingly was difficult to join him. Eatonweb Portal was one of the Blog lists most complete that currently is around the Blog list other. Thousands of Blog afterwards sprang up and each choosing the topic of his discussion personally, was begun from how became good parents, the hobby watched the film, the topic of politics, the health, sex, sport, the comic book and sorts again. Moreover Blogger had Blog about strange things that were sold in the site of the Ebay auction that was named Who Would By That?

Cameron Barret wrote to Blog him esai was entitled Anatomy ‘of a’ Weblog that explained the theme from Blog. Blog often really was focussed in an unique subject that is a topic of the foundation and/or a concept that united themes in this Blog. Simply the topic one of Blog was the area of the authority the Blogger him without having the editor or the boss who was mixed, the theme is as mad whatever usually could be found by us in line with increasingly springing him Blog in the internet. And yes, the idea was thought about, Blogger in fact now makes Blog from Blog, and even Blog from Blog from Blog.

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