Enjoyed nature from the Kelud mountain

Hot him the intensity of the sun was still being felt cool in the peak of the Kelud Mountain. The mountain that was in the Regency Kediri this East Java really offered beauty of the amazing nature panorama.  

The Kelud mountain according to his legend not came from the pile of the land rose naturally. Like the mountain tangkuban the boat in West Java, mountain Kelud was formed from a betrayal of the love of a daughter named Dewi Kilisuci of two kings of supernatural power mahesa Suro and the Suro Ox.

The Kelud tourist attraction very appropriate for them who had the spirit of the adventure (adventure). Among panjat tebing, cross-country, tattered ground. the mountain Kelud Region was located approximately 35 Km from the Kediri city or 120 Km from the capital of the Province East Java Surabaya. Including the active volcano with the height 1.730 metre above sea level (mdpl). The natural beautiful mountainous panorama and cool air made tourists liked for a prolonged period in this region.
Welcome in the mountain kelud.

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