What of Ziddu

What of Ziddu?

Ziddu.com was the place of the storage of the digital data (file hosting services) where we will be paid for anyone that download file we.

generally you will be paid $ 0,001 to each one time download and $ 0,1 for each time promoted (refer a friend) Ziddu to the other person.

the Ziddu Surplus that was other was fast in the process upload and download, also while this was minimal pictures that contained the element of pornography. I was also temporary this chose Ziddu for the place upload.

the Process of payment could be carried out through paypal and money bookers.

as for his lack:

1. Download not directly, you must pass two pages and that was last must fill up the code.

2. Several internet provider blocked Ziddu as being reported by the visitor blog this. Was interested? Please the list through my reference below this (the clique of the picture ziddu):

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