Busby SEO Test

Busby SEO Test was the contest that was held by Busbywebsolutions.com, a SEO Firm that helped Websita in order to receive best results in results of the search, especially Google also provided webhosting, SEM et cetera around the Internet and Website. This Busby SEO Test contest was open for who and any citizen, for him had blog to participate and sharpen his capacity in the matter placed the position in results of the search or normally in one with the SEO term.

This Busby SEO Test contest also in packed neatly with the gift that was arousing that is an amount of money. However of course not was easy because of the strictness of the competition, you will compete with experts SEO good in and outside the certain country wanted to become the number of one. And pursued his gift, so as they will dismiss all the capacity that was owned by them to win this contest. However there his challenge, certainly uptil now you often studied about SEO because that was the demand of the foundation if want to blog that was managed by you many visitors.

Therefore the Busby SEO Test contest at least gave the measurement of the success at the instigation of you and how far knowledge that is had by you now succeeded in bringing you became the champion. Dared to accept the challenge? Please go with Busby SEO Test.

One of the conditions to join Busby SEO World Cup was as follows :

^.^  Only participants who were registered that could join the match and got the gift. Busby will make a list of participants who could be seen in the page of the list of participants with keyword Busby SEO Test World Cup 2.

^.^  All entrants pages must have a visible link back to http://www.busbywebsolutions.com with the following text (including the hyperlink) in black arial 10 font: Participant in the Busby Web Solutions Search Engine Optimisation Challenge.

^.^  Start date is 1st October 2008 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia at which point the phrase will be posted on the busby website.

^.^  End date of 31st January 2009 (12:00 midday), Perth, Western Australia.


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  3. Thanks for the Great Article, That was a great info about SEO

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